Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts is a neighborhood of Newton, Massachusetts, on the Charles River. Organization area increases throughout the river right into Wellesley, Massachusetts, where it is described as Wellesley Lower Falls, where a majority of the retail choices are.

The Charles River lowers 18 feet over less than a quarter-mile at Lower Falls. A collection of 3 little dams with fish ladders lie along with the reduction. The freeways with the neighborhood of Lower Falls are Grove Highway, Washington Street (Training Course 16), along with similarly Concord Roadway. A place is presently an SUV place astonished the park at the old Hamilton primary school (currently Lower Falls Recreation center), along with approached the northwest by the Charles River along with additionally the Leo J. Martin public fairway. [1] The historical heart of the Lower Falls place, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, together with the surrounding residence on Grove Road, is supplied on the National Register of Historic Places as the Newton Lower Falls Historic Area.